play me your song

Seventeen year old body running down the street
Never had a place to stay
got to find something to eat
troubles on your mind but you dont wanna tell your friends.

I can keep a secret if you just

Play me your song
I know you’ve been hurt
I can see the sadness in your eyes but you can’t seem to cry

She was a stunning girl that got captured by the camera
dreams to be pilot
has to take care of her momma
Now she’s making millions got the boyfriend and the mansion

Red carpet walking but she still feels better dancing

Play me your song
Tell me what's hurting
it’s on the tip of your tongue

Sing me your lullaby
I can see the tears inside you hide
you’ve been keeping inside

Tell me your story
Then maybe you can sing to me

Looking for a way out had to grab back your attention
Called you out for being weak
For just showing your emotions
Now every chance you feel you start pushing them away
Do you hear me now? I’ll be listening



Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me